Monday, January 31, 2005

Power Of Positive Thinking

When I first went to the Pinewood Derby, I thought I was going to win and I...........WON! Then, I was going to the finals but the finals was after all the other groups did it. When they did it, I went for lunch.
After I ate my lunch, I kept saying that I am not going to win. I was saying that because the other kids had more experience and they were older. But my mom stopped me and said, "don't say that, say that you are going to win". Then I said, "I am going to win", and the same thing happened. Now I am going to the District finals.
I learned my mistake. The negative thougts are called demon thoughts and when you have them you can't accomplish what you want to do. The positive thoughts are called God thoughts and when you have them, you can accomplish whatever you want to do.


Anonymous said...

Manu, you are one smart dude and I'm glad I stopped by, I needed a reminder about positive thoughts and you helped me this morning.

Anonymous said...

Dear Manu,
We found your blog very useful.We liked the articles very much and found the facts to be very interesting.
We thank you for reminding us about positive thoughts.
Keep up the good job!

Dwarak and Deepak

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