Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A-Z Animals

A-Z Animals
Anemone is stinging when,
Baboon is swinging
Condor is flying while,
Dolphin is swimming in the Nile.
Elephant wants to learn how to trample a tree, while
Ferret is being an example for running free.
Grouse is on the ground at the same time
House Fly is eating a lime.
Iguana is in the glass case when
Jaguar is really picking up his pace.
Kangaroo wants to leap while
Lion tells his son not to make a peep.
Manta Ray glides through the water as
Nightingale gracefully sings to his daughter.
Otter is caught in the tall kelp and
Portuguese Man of War is desperately in need of help.
Quetzal fighting to survive as
Raccoon is stealing a banana, TIMES FIVE!
Seal slipping and sliding just when
Tiger is gallantly fighting.
Umbrella bird is covering itself from rain as
Viper is searching for prey in vain.
Walrus is sleeping as
X- Ray Fish is weeping.
Yak has shabby hair while
Zebra turns rare.

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