Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lessons from The Phantom Tollbooth

In my class we were talking about some lessons that we found from The Phantom Tollbooth.
Here are the ones that I found:
*Knowledge without common sense is of no value.
*When one does not try hard, knowledge is almost impossible to acquire.
*Just by thinking a little, one can accomplish a lot.
Here are the ones that people from my class found:
*By not paying attention, one's surroundings lose their natural beauty.
*Enjoy life and what's around rather than being to busy to appreciate it.
*Stop or slow down to pay attention to the things that are really important instead what seems important.
*Wasting time is bad.
*It’s a lot easier to jump to conclusions than to gather all the information and make a logical determination.
*If a person tries hard s/he can be whatever s/he wants to be.
*Thinking is a necessary part of life, without thinking one wouldn’t get anywhere in life.
*In order to think, one must pay attention in life.
*Thinking is important so one can move forward in life.
*One has to be precise in what is said.
*Don’t be selfish or greedy.
*Do things step by step by step; don’t take shortcuts to success [since they always lead to a dead end].
*Nothing is impossible if you don’t know it is impossible and effort is given.
*It is not good to use too many words nor is it good to use too few.
*A person’s background determines how s/he looks at things.
*All people have different perspectives and experience which [shapes] differing personalities.
*There are different ways to look at people’s perspectives and those perspectives should be respected.
*Pay attention to what’s around or it will seem as if it had disappeared since it is not in the consciousness.

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Daniel said...

Awsome!That was such a good book in 4th grade!

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