Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Haasya - Part 3 - Fun with Country Facts

1. Learning to spell your country's name is easy if you know the roots!

Montenegro: The country's name in most Western European languages, including English, reflects an adoption of the Venetian term 'monte negro' meaning "black mountain".

2. Most populous country does not necessarily mean the most dense! Even though China has the world's largest population, it only ranks as the 75th most dense country in the world. The first rank is taken by a small country called Macau, which is indirectly controlled by China. Also remember, Vatican city with a population of only 821 people is highly dense and used to be the most dense country (city?) in the past.

3. Archipelagos are places you want to go if you like water. They are a cluster of islands. One of the famous country which is an archipelago - yes - you guessed correctly - JAPAN.

4. Biggest and smallest - can they be the same? - Australia is the biggest island but it is the smallest continent.

5. National Flags do not have to be rectangular all the time! Nepal is the only country not to have a rectangular flag. The flag is on the top of this post.

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