Monday, December 7, 2009


Recently, I was reading and I came over this article about this guy and his neighbor. Every year the neighbor puts up an interesting design for his Christmas decorations and this guy must think of some way to top it. This year he put a sign "<= Ditto." I laughed hysterically, but it also made me think about simplicity. Simple things often fare better than convoluted and complicated things. Simple things are so much easier to understand than convoluted ones because they don't make a person have difficulty comprehending and understanding what they are saying so they point will come much faster. Which sentence did you like better? The first one of course! And in Indian culture there is a story of two gods and how they had to race around the world. The first one ran around his parents and said, "You are my world," while they other one took it literally and went around the world. The first god succeeded in taking a much easier route. Work smart, not hard.

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